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PP spunbond SSS non woven fabric making machine




Product width




Machine size

31*13*10 m

32*14*10 m

34*15*10 m


450 m/min

450 m/min

450 m/min

Gram weight

10-180 g/m2

10-180 g/m2

10-180 g /min

Output(products according to 20 g/m2)

12-13 T/Days

24-25 T/Days

28-30 T/Days

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Zhejiang Yanpeng Nonwoven Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional Non woven fabric making machine manufacturer.

Spunbonded nonwovens: Polymers are extruded and stretched to form continuous filaments. The filament is laid into a net, which is then bonded by itself, by thermal bonding, chemical bonding or mechanical reinforcement, to make the net non woven.


The YP-SSS PP spunbond non woven fabric making machine application:

1. Non woven Packaging Product:Shopping bag, suit cover, rice packaging, knitwear cover, tea bag, clothes packaging, table cloth, other products,include pillow slip,bedspread,car cover cover for quilt,computer,air conditioner and fan cover etc.

2. Garments and shoes:clad and lining shoes lapping cloth,shoes bag,shoes cover etc.

3. Filteration

4. Medical and Hygiene Articles:operation cloths,exposure suit,disinfect cloth respirator,diaper,duster cloth,wiping cloth,wet face cloth,flexible towel roll,hairdressing products,sanitary towel,pad and any other cloth for single use.


The YP-SSS PP spunbond non woven fabric making machine:

Dosing device

To feed chips from the ground to the dosing and mixing system on the third floor. Main material and auxiliary materials can be prepared as per a certain ratio.Dosing and mixing device, consisting of a main material tank, two auxiliary tanks, a mixing tank, a suction device.



A:Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

B:We are manufacturer of PP non woven making machine,we have devoted ourselves to non woven fabric making machine career for 14 years .

A:How long does it take to produce the machine

B:PP spunbond double beam non woven fabric making machine need 6 months.

A:Where is your factory?

B:Our factory is located in Wenzhou ,Zhejiang,China.


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